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Success Inspires Expansion

secretary answering telephoneOur company started in 2012 when our team realized the value of our experience within a large organization’s payroll department. We wanted to make this experience and expertise available to everyone regardless of size. We spent more than 10 years developing systems that are still a part of that company’s core processes. We are constantly trying to learn, develop and create new ideas and service models that will help our current clients accomplish their goals while providing the daily interaction at the client level as if “we are in their office and part of their immediate team”.

We Can Help!

In our first 2 years we blossomed from 30 facilities to over 100 and our success continues.

We believe it is our “hands on” approach that sets us apart from other companies that say they offer what we do.

We interact daily with our clients at multiple levels within the organization. We are dealing with the field HR staff as well as the corporate level employees like the CFOs and controllers. We offer real consulting on best practices and innovations on how to handle tricky situations. We also help plan for the big picture and set realistic expectations that a particular organization should have for various projects and processes.

Working directly with facility personnel, we determine that the employees are being compensated in accordance with the company’s established policies and that the payroll is in line with normally acceptable totals we then process the payroll. All checks, direct deposit stubs and reports are then delivered the following day to the clients site. We offer a large variety of reporting options along with fully integrated time and attendance software and time clocks. Everything we do is designed to help our clients better manage their payroll, time and attendance and employee compensation needs.

Service offerings:

  • Fully outsourced managed payroll service and data management
  • Tax filing, direct deposit, new hire reporting
  • Time and attendance and time clocks
  • Garnishment processing
  • Union negotiation consulting and reporting
  • Integrated payables services for many employee deductions
  • Consulting services for payroll and HR
  • Experts on database set up and Implementation